Get Suitcase Ready

by KROMAD Collaborator on August 16, 2019

Picking out which shoes you are going to take on vacation can be one of life's toughest choices. Do you ever find yourself packing way too many pairs and only wearing a couple of them in the end? Here are our tips to getting suitcase ready and picking the perfect shoes for any summer vacation.


Your favorite sandals

Sandals are the perfect shoe for your summer holiday. They are great for everyday walking around as well as wearing to the beach. They’re also very easy to pack because of their compact size. The perfect duo is 1 neutral color that will match everything and anything along with a pair with a pop of color to spice up any outfit. Here are our two picks from the Black Studio Collection.

For the neutral pair we picked the Brenda in black. It’s comfy and matches any outfit. Can be dressed up or down, the perfect companion for any adventure.

Sezal in rainbow is perfect for that colorful pop.


Your favorite heels

Heels are a girl’s best friend. Who doesn’t love dressing up for holiday dinners? Choosing the right heels to pack can be difficult, each heel is unique. A good trick is to plan your outfits in advance and choose the heels that go with it. The best duo heel, in order to not over pack, would be a sandal heel and a closed toe heel, one neutral color and one colorful one is the perfect balance.

The Heidi is perfect, it’s comfortable, easy to slide on and goes well with all your outfits, can be dressed up or dressed down.

The Aria is a staple heel to have. It’s comfortable, classy, and a great touch to any outfit. Aria in Tangerine is the pop of colour that you need on your summer holiday.



And of course, your favorite pair of comfy sneakers for the airport and travel day.